Folic Acid


Code 321010


When it comes to restoring the immune system and supporting cardiac and vascular health; folic acid (or B9 vitamin) proves to be far more effective than any other vitamin. It supports all organs and systems, promotes normal growth of hair, and makes skin supple and beautiful.

Folic acid will supply your body with the necessary amount of this key vitamin and will help prevent vitamin B9 deficiency.

Programs: Stress Reduction Program

Key Benefits

It regulates blood cholesterol levels.

Has a positive effect on bowel functioning.

This supplement is essential for producing new cells (of skin, hair, blood, etc.)

Boosts the immune system and promotes the formation of white blood cells.

Has a positive effect on the function of the central nervous system: improves mood, helps prevent depression and sleep disorders.


Folic acid supports normal hematosis. It promotes functions of the nerve tissue, cardiac muscles, liver, and supports the rejuvenation and growth of cells.

Vitamin B9 is responsible for normal prenatal development of the baby and is essential during breast-feeding. It is also highly recommended for relieving symptoms of post-partum blues.

Folic acid improves memory, concentration, physical performance, and boosts the immune system.

This supplement has a beneficial effect on skin, nails and hair.


Take 1 tablet a day or as recommended by a health practitioner.

Form release 100 Tablets