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Protivity is an ideal low-calorie protein supplement for daily diet. The product includes a mix of high quality and readily available non-caloric amino-acids. This product helps optimize metabolism and speeds-up muscle recovery after highly intensive training.

Key Benefits

Protivity is the most beneficial supplement for diet that is lacking in protein.

The product enhances overall strength and endurance; it accelerates the processes of tissue repair after injury or surgery, and improves the condition of the immune and endocrine systems.

This supplement supports cardiovascular health, lowers blood cholesterol, and is recommended as an antidepressant.


Take five caplets each day with an 8-12 oz. glass of water.


Chains of amino acids joined by peptide bonds are high molecular organic proteins that participate in all vital processes, such as breathing, digestion, blood formation, transmission of nerve impulses, etc. Protivity contains a set of essential amino acids that compensate for a lack of protein in the diet and contribute to maintaining and improving the functions of all organs and systems.

Isoleucine and valine are the pre-requisites for hemoglobin synthesis. Lysine participates in the synthesis of the hormones and enzymes, phenylalanine improves memory and clarity; glutamine accelerates process of muscle metabolism; methionine and threonine inhibit fatty degeneration of the liver; and tryptophan stimulates secretion of the growth hormone and improves the quality of sleep.

Form release 140 Capsuls