H-500 prevents the ravages of free radicals and boosts energy by stimulating cellular energy output.

H-500 is a super effective antioxidant. Try it! Charge yourself with energy!

Programs: Revitalisation Program

Key Benefits

Promotes optimum health

Providing an increase in energy and vitality it is recommended for those people who need this, such as for thinking or when doing manual labor.

It is indispensable for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts

Prevents premature aging



Take as a dietary supplement one capsule twice a day dissolved in eight ounces (250ml) of filtered noncarbonated water. Take in the morning and late afternoon.



The magnesium included in this product promotes cardiac health and normalizes muscle tissue function.

Potassium is involved in metabolism of energy. It regulates neuromuscular systems and the supply of oxygen to the brain.

Boron and silicon are essential building blocks for bone and connective tissues and contribute to the prevention of osteoporosis.

Form release:

60 Capsules (code 91800);  

120 Capsules (code 91883)