Evening Formula


Code 91832

Evening Formula is a dietary supplement that helps cope with stress, depression and normalize sleep pattern. The ingredients of "Evening Formula" are carefully selected to go beyond protecting nervous system from the consequences of stress. They also work to improve mood and act as a general tonic.

Key Benefits

Normalizes the emotional state.

Relieves symptoms of depression and chronic fatigue.

Helps cope with stress and increases stamina.

Improves general condition and acts as a general tonic.

Helps fight insomnia and Improves mood.


Flavonoids of Melissa, St. John's Wort, Skullcap and Hops have significant sedative and antidepressant properties. These normalizing sleep plants are effective in eliminating insomnia and have a beneficial effect on overall health.

Extracted from tea leaves amino acid Theanine and biogenic element magnesium normalize blood pressure and promote cardiac health. These ingredients protect from stress, relieve anxiety and symptoms of depression. They increase stamina and performance. In addition, Theanine has psychostimulant effect. Unlike caffeine it does not cause overstimulation of the nervous system, but rather has a sedative effect by relieving anxiety and improving concentration.


Take one capsule once a day in the afternoon with a meal.

Form release: 60 Capsules