Coral Club



     Everything started in 1997, when Leonid Lapp had known about Coral-Mine, or it’s easier to say Coral Сalcium.

    Water is a product number one. Our life, no doubt, depends on its quality. Scientists all over the world were working during decades to create fantastic “alive water”.

   After many years of researching Coral Club International and Royal Body Care presents you two miracle-working products:

  Coral–Mine creation of nature and

  Microhydrin is antioxidant which has no analogs in the world.  Scientist of genius Patrick Flanagan was nominated by Nobel prize for its creation.

 Coral Club provides:


Our health products are available in more than 36 countries including USА, Europe and Middle East.

Coral club occupies a special place in the industry with products for a healthy lifestyle.

Since 1998, we help people to make sensible choices in their health care by offering conceptual solutions based on natural elements and modern technology. In our range of products are presented the most diverse products created from ingredients collected from all corners of the globe.

But all of them have in common the integrated approach used in the production based on 5 immutable principles:

Quality without compromise. Quality control starts at the level of choice of manufacturer and continues through all stages of manufacture of the product. The finished product is tested in the mandatory order in the laboratories of the manufacturer, and in our testing centers, after entering the country.

Production of Coral Club meets international standards for good manufacturing practices (GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice).

 Maximum safety. We not only meet the requirements for product safety and other provisions of current legislation in all countries where the company's products are supplied, but often exceed them. Our products contain no preservatives, flavor enhancers, artificial fragrances, phthalates, GMOs, hormones, gluten, pesticides and herbicides; They were tested for content of total amount of bacteria, fungi, yeast; They are tested for nitrates, melamine and dioxins; They were tested for levels of heavy metals and radioactive isotopes.

 The best specialists. When developing our products leading specialists in the field of biochemistry and dietetics take part, using the latest research and technology. This allows the Coral Club operative to market innovative solutions for a healthy life.

 A combination between nature and scientific achievements. We learn of a wave nature. Our products contain ingredients of natural origin, containing within itself the healing power of nature, thanks to scientific achievements are presented in a balanced and bioavailable form.

 Technology without borders. As an international company in its operation we are oriented towards the most successful international practices and use the best technology and components from all corners of the earth. In our range of products coming from the US, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Korea and Russia.

 The efficacy of our products has been confirmed by ample feedback from our customers.

 Coral Club give people access to the best product quality and the best quality of life.