Discount Program

If you would like to get a 20% Discount and buy the products at a club price, you will need to become a Coral Club member. Membership is completely free and has no obligation.

Participate in the Discount programs totally free!

When you become a club member, you are with status Consumer Being a Consumer you will receive:

  1. 1. Purchase products special club prices 20% below retail prices.
  2. 2. Тo take advantage of monthly promotions.
  3. 3. To participate in the Discount program.

    Every product of the Company are assigned points. See the official site These points are accumulated from your purchases and also for products purchased at your recommendation.

    Once you earn 500 points your discount cards is assigned Assistant level and you can get a discount of 0 to 10% of all your personal purchases. Then health products will become more accessible.

  4. 4. To participate in training workshops and to get personal consultations.
  5. 5. Opportunity to be not only a Consumer but also to join the business team of Coral Club as a Distributor.

Coral Club’s Distributors get:

Coral Club is up to you to decide which type of involvement with us suits you best.

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Why Coral Club?

Coral Club gives you the opportunity to improve your quality of life and to have new experiences. In addition to top quality products that help you maintain and improve your health, Coral Club also offers solutions that can help you achieve financial independence and freedom.

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Club Number (CCI ID): 3400274
Name and surname: Violeta Stefanova

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Activate your account (registration number) at Coral Club by making a purchase of no less than 12 points to 90 days. Since then - you are a participant in the Coral Club Discount Program.