Neitronic is a personal protection device shielding you from electromagnetic radiation. It is designed for use around personal computers, televisions, radios, mobile phones, microwave ovens, monitors with LCD and plasma screens.

Neitronic has a special antenna measuring 30x30x0.6 mm. The crystal lattice of the antenna has the crystalline properties whereby it absorbs and converts the electromagnetic energy. Activated by the emitting device, the antenna creates its own field which interacting with the incoming waves and converting its spectrum into a form that is safe for humans.

The device reduces the electromagnetic load on the human body to a safe level. In the first few hours after installation, it reduces the electromagnetic field by about half (by distance from the monitor) by three quarters (by area).

Neitronic MG-03

Neitronic MG-03 is designed to protect users of cordless and cellular phones, portable radios and microwave ovens from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

The device neutralizes the part of the modulated spectrum of the radiation coming from the devices that penetrates deeply into the body and interferes with intracellular metabolic activity. Clinical trials have demonstrated that Neitronic has high protective properties: it reduces the harmful effects of mobile phone radiation on the human body by 3-5 times. Its main advantage compared to similar devices is that it only works when a device is switched on and only affects the electromagnetic field stimulated by the emitting device.

Neitronic is stimulated by the field of the emitting device and creates its own field in pointing away from the lines printed on it. The two fields interact, converting the signal and making it safe for humans. It does not affect monitor image quality or reduce the coverage range of mobile communication devices.